Google Nexus 6 User Manual: Tips & Tricks Guide for Your Phone!

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Do you own the Nexus 6 phone by Google and want to get more from it? The Google Nexus 6 user manual is an unofficial tips and tricks guide to really get more from your smartphone. Bestselling technology author, Shelby Johnson, provides all of the insight for users to set up their phone, customize and tweak it, and even perform some advanced steps.

Among the information you’ll learn inside this guide:

– How to set up your Nexus 6 phone out of the box

– How to import your contacts from an Android or iPhone

– How to install or remove apps, including third party apps

– How to print, use music and watch movies

– How to use the camera and phone features

– A look at the best Nexus 6 apps to install

– A look at the accessories you should get

– Troubleshooting help for Nexus 6 issues

Shelby Johnson has already helped thousands of readers better understand and use their technology devices. They include other Google devices such as the Nexus tablets and the Google Chromecast streaming media player. With the Nexus 6 user guide, you’ll quickly learn how to operate and get more out of your smartphone so you can better enjoy all it has to offer!

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